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gotta heart so big [entries|friends|calendar]
ms mojo risin

She's got a smile that it seems to me
Reminds me of childhood memories
Where everything
Was as fresh as the bright blue sky
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wordswordswords [08 Apr 2005|03:14pm]
The autumn leaves have got you thinking
about the first time that you fell.
You didn't love the boy too much,
no no, you just loved the boy too well.

So you can get on with your search, baby,
and I can get on with mine.
And maybe someday we will find
that it wasn't really wasted time.
15 // is my favorite number

[05 Apr 2005|04:29pm]
this is killing me.
I need my life to be normal again.
please for the love of god
leave me alone.
2 // is my favorite number

[12 Dec 2004|08:50pm]

You can go your own way.

prospective frienndss:
unless I had you added on my other journal, youll need to give me a livejournal salute (a picture of you holding a peice of paper that has your livejournal name written on it). there are alot of weirdos out there.

have a nice day :)
92 // is my favorite number

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